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After Your Return: What's that spot on my skin?

One of the commonest things travellers bring back are skin rashes – dots, spots, ulcers, etc. Most commonly, these are from insect bites – mosquitoes, sandflies, bedbugs, fleas, etc. However, a few skin rashes are instantly recognizable, by someone who has seen them before. Here are a few.

This is the eschar from a tick bite, which is usually picked up in the game parks of southern Africa. If you have this, you may also have a fever, headache and aches and pains. See a doctor!
This is the winding/serpiginous rash of cutaneous larva migrans. This is acquired by walking or lying barefoot in areas where dogs have left there poop! It is treated with the drug albendazole. I suppose you could find it on any tropical beach. I have seen it most often from Jamaica and the Barbados.
This looks like just a bunch of bites. Not sure who did the biting!
This is a fairly innocent looking bump, which looks like a boil. But the lucky person hosting this larva probably feels as if there is something moving inside. This is myiasis, an infestation by a botfly. This one I see mostly in people who return from the rainforests of Belize. To see the dramatic removal of this larva, go to YouTube!
Do not watch this video while eating!
This rash resembles a mild burn, sort of in a streaky pattern. It is called phytophotodermatitis, which means you have probably accidentally rubbed some of your lime onto your skin. A substance in the lime juice reacts with the sunlight to give this rash. It goes away on its own. Gin and tonic drinkers beware.
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