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May 6th, 2017 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Firstly, we survived Cuba – no sunburns, diarrhea, abrasions or muggings. We were at the Pestana Resort in Cayo Coco. Great pool, lovely beach and ocean, a baby grand piano, red wine and the food was good enough for us! Great pizza! We will go back one more time with our children and grandchildren. sails

We are still experiencing a shortage of yellow fever vaccine. Not all travel clinics are able to provide the vaccine, and those who are like me are trying to use fractional doses as recommended by WHO and PHAC. Shortages of vaccines, and other medications, are nothing new in the medical field. Rabies vaccine for high risk travelers is no longer available, for now. Stay away from dogs and monkeys!

The incidence of Zika seems to have declined in Latin America and the Caribbean. However we are still “stuck” with the “2/6” guidelines. Women, don’t become pregnant for two months after being in a Zika area. Men, don’t impregnate anyone for 6 months after possible exposure. Use your insect repellent, containing DEET, or a new option, Picaridin, if you can find it. MEC has it!

My wonderful receptionist, Indi, is off to Peru this week. Hopefully she will dodge diarrhea, dog bites and altitude sickness. (see Nov. 2016 blog). While my short term memory seems to be on the wane (I can’t remember from which side I served in squash), my memories of that trip remain clear as a bell. The infectious, healing springs at Aguas Calientes seem like yesterday. The juice blended by the ladies in the market. We didn’t have to pay for a hotel at Machu Picchu. We camped illegally on the terraces. The sunrise was spectacular. I bought a helluva lot of alpaca stuff! mp

A Canadian lady and her American companion were murdered in Belize last week. Does that now make Belize a dangerous destination to avoid? Not quite. Our government¬†advises us to exercise a “high degree of caution” in most countries in the world, besides Canada and Switzerland. As one who notices these gruesome headlines, I find that they can pop up anywhere. Personal safety is probably the most important issue for travelers, with diarrhea and Zika interesting, and not fun, but perhaps less of a concern.

My next trip is to Ottawa with my grandson Jonah, to stay at the castle-like Chateau Laurier Hotel with its lovely piano bar, to wander around the Byward Market, and hopefully get on the pirate ship at Mooney’s Bay.

May is devoted to lots of squash, singles and doubles, and a plethora of family birthdays and¬†Mothers’ Day. Pharmacies are now able to give travel advice and administer travel vaccines. We will see where that goes!

I realize that the ability to travel is a bonus.


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