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Yellow fever vaccine shortage … again!!!!

February 1st, 2017 · No Comments · Uncategorized

February 1, 2017


Dear Travel Patients,


There is currently a shortage of YELLOW FEVER vaccine, across Toronto, Canada and the world. This also occurred recently in the summer of 2016, due to production problems and outbreaks in Africa. There is a new outbreak in Brasil. At that time, WHO (World Health Organization), along with CDC (USA) and PHAC (Canada) developed the following regulations and recommendations:


  1. Doses of 0.1 cc, rather than the usual .5 cc, have been shown to be perfectly effective in preventing yellow fever.
  2. In the event of a shortage of YF vaccine, the smaller dose should be used in order to conserve supplies and to vaccinate and protect the maximum number of travellers.
  3. In view of a lack of longer term studies, this smaller dosage, for the time being, should be considered protective for at least 1 year, rather than the lifetime duration of the full dose of vaccine.
  4. Everyone receiving either dose of vaccine will receive the YELLOW CARD showing that you have been immunized.
  5. Because of logistical reasons, it may be necessary to “clump” people receiving the YF vaccine together.
  6. People who are not at risk of YF, or those with additional medical conditions or those over 60, should discuss with their provider as to whether YF vaccine is warranted.
  7. Recall that it is now felt (by WHO) that previous yellow fever vaccine confers lifetime immunity.

Further information regarding this issue can be found on my website/blog (www.drwisetravel.com – May 2016), at CDC, WHO and PHAC.

Mark Wise MD DTM&H (London)