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Whaddya mean that’ll be 2500 bucks!

September 26th, 2016 · No Comments · Uncategorized

“Nice to meet you, Doc. From the looks of your office, you’ve done a lot of travelling.”

“That’s quite true, and I also get to travel vicariously through everyone else, like you two. What are you planning?”

“Well it’s our 40th anniversary, ya see, and we’ve been saving for a cruise to Southeast Asia ever since the kids moved out. We leave in three weeks and will be gone for two. Everything is first class!”

“Well let’s see. First, let me make sure you are up to date with your regular booster like tetanus. And it wouldn’t hurt if I gave you the pneumonia shot and the shingles shot. You’ve seen them on TV, and you are in your late sixties.”

“Is that all we need, Doc?”

“Oh God no. That just the start!”

“Whaddya mean?”

“Well you’ll need a quick series of Twinrix, for hepatitis A and B, and typhoid for eating in the markets.”

“But we’re doing all of our eating on the ship. Maybe just some local beer on land. And isn’t hep B passed through sex?”

“I understand. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes. Let me mention two other vaccines I think you should consider – rabies and Japanese encephalitis.”

“Oh, my wife loves dogs. Thanks for suggesting that. What about the Japanese thing? Is it common? We aren’t stopping in Japan, and we’ll be on the ship every night after five.”

“Estimated at one in a million travelers to the area. But it only takes one mosquito. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.”

“Hmmmmm. I appreciate your advice, Doc. Can give me an idea of how much all of those vaccines will cost us?”

“Well the tetanus booster is free. The others … let’s see …. for the two of you, it would run about $2500, and then of course there’s the consult fee, and you will need to come back two more times.”

“Any side effects, Doc?”

“Probably just a sore arm.”

“Thanks Doc. Sounds a bit pricey, and mostly unnecessary. You won’t be living vicariously through us! Adios.”

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